Delivery Terms


1. Customers can pick up their Orders free of charge directly at the respective Stores (if the Stores indicate such a possibility through the Application). Orders can also be delivered to addresses specified in them. The delivery option and the timeframe should be specified by the Customer when placing an Order.

2. Each Store shall put reasonable efforts to deliver each and every Order within the estimated timeframe. However, please note that the estimated timeframes for delivery provided by Stores are only non-binding estimates.

3. The delivery of ordered Goods will be made to the addresses specified in the respective Orders. If a Store cannot deliver an Order to the specified address, the Store shall promptly notify the respective Customer.

4. Stores reserve the right to contact Customers with requests to clarify Orders and/or the delivery addresses. Couriers may contact Customers prior to delivering Goods for specifying the exact delivery time.

5. The delivery can be executed only if the minimum quantity of Goods is included in the Order. The minimum quantity of Goods which can be purchased from a Store shall be clearly communicated by that Store to its Customers.

6. Customers are solely responsible for quoting correct delivery addresses and specifying delivery times that allow them to accept the ordered Goods.

7. If Goods cannot be delivered to Customers due to Customers’ faults (e.g., incorrectly quoted contact information or a false Order), the Company reserves the right to suspend the Account and deprive such Customers from placing any orders in the future.

8. Delivery of hot food is carried out in specialized thermo bags, preserving the quality of the food.